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cRPS is the Remuneration Planning System we hold in the cloud1.

This version has all the features of the RPS that can be installed on a client server; however, the cRPS applications and database are held on secure, fully partitioned servers that are accessed via the internet portal below.

Go to your cRPS:

Enter Password:

For every line manager, the cRPS will:

  • Show all relevant records on all employees for which the manager is responsible
  • Show the band and Total Employment Cost (TEC2) midpoint for every position
  • Calculate the compa ratio3 for every employee
  • Show the performance score for every employee
  • Calculate a TEC increase for every employee based on their performance and compa ratio
  • Allow changes to the increases in TEC within an overall budget

...and much more.

The cRPS will perform all the following functions, as required:

  • Streamline market comparisons by benchmarking and position banding
  • Apply market TEC data from multiple sources and locations
  • Construct arrays of TEC ranges for each job family
  • Compose a remuneration budget that prevents overspending

Every cRPS is tailored to suit the needs of the business: smaller, homogeneous organisations may only need the system nucleus; larger more diverse companies in multiple locations may need to manage complex remuneration structures. Extra modules provide:

  • A diagnosis of market conditions and a remuneration alignment policy proposal
  • Position analysis to establish relative work values in different job families
  • Regression analysis to help develop all TEC structures in every location
  • Multiple budgets by profit/ cost centre

The price of the cRPS is also tailored to the needs of the business, including the number of employees, and the diversity of locations. Cloud computing costs are minimal compared to many alternative capital expenditure and IT overheads.

Of course, implementation services can be provided for all cRPS solutions.

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1System infrastructure is provided by HaRe Group - our clients don't need to have any server dedicated to an infrequent intensive computing task. Fewer IT skills are required for in-house implementation.

2TEC includes all fixed remuneration items, such as base salary, allowances, superannuation, cars and other benefits, plus the full cost of Fringe Benefits Tax - TEC is widely accepted as the most fair and objective measure of fixed remuneration practice. (TEC is alternatively called Fixed Remuneration Package - FRP - or Fixed Annual Remuneration - FAR - or other names)

3Compa ratio is a measure of how competitive an employee's TEC is when compared to a market based TEC range.