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The following newsletters are provided free by HaRe Group. They contain current topics of interest to business leaders and HR professionals. Subjects range from performance metrics and executive incentives to successful management strategies and best HR practices.

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31 July 2020  -    When has good performance been more important?      " ...  its been a huge challenge in some companies that have had to do a COVID pivot ....  The more successful employers are sticking with a disciplined approach to identifying any new performance measures ... "   ... read more

30 January 2020  -    Executive pay reality    " The median of Fixed Remuneration Package has barely changed since 2016.  During the last four years, the median has moved in a range of just ..."   ... read more

16 May 2019  -    Fixing Executive Remuneration    "   ...   banking, insurance and superannuation boards will need to make significant improvements to their administration of executive remuneration otherwise, APRA may start wielding a blunt instrument."  ... read more

16 August 2018  -    Its settled Rewards & Recognition drives engagement    ...   credible evidence that Rewards & Recognition is firmly a major driver of employee engagement   .. ..    enduring engagement of employees requires recognition for contributions both financial and non-financial" ... read more

12 April 2018  -   Responsive rewards, recruitment and retention     " ...  what if you found that the most attractive aspect of new employment is competitive base pay ...   what if you found that base pay is also effective at retaining talented people  ...? " ... read more

16 January 2018  -  Ditch or pitch Performance Management?     " In  many organisations for many years, there have been loud advocates for deep changes to traditional PM processes.  Some Human Resources leaders would be happy to ditch PM altogether, arguing that the appraisal process is disruptive and completely unproductive .....  (but)  ....." ... read more

10 August 2017  -  Remuneration reality   " Much has been published about the meagre pay increases that Australian workers have been enduring recently.........  There is no denying the ABS data for the year ..... " ... read more

11 November 2016  -  Ineffective vs Inspired LTI plans  " In a competitive market, any organisation's success depends on the quality of its business leaders and their engagement with strategic goals ... (but) executive remuneration has become too complex and is not fulfilling its purpose, and this complexity has contributed to poor alignment between executives, shareholders and the company" ... read more

19 May 2016  -  Game of Numbers  "There is always tension between a remuneration budget and investing in talented employees.  How much do you have to spend to retain your best people?  (Included are) some of the latest economic indicators that business leaders may consider when making remuneration budget and review decisions ...." ... read more

15 January 2016  -  Nuts and bolts of business success  " At the beginning of every year, most managers return from their family holidays hoping for better things - better productivity;  better sales;  better profits.  However, many factors are out of their control, such as the Chinese economy and commodity prices.  While these economic demons swirl beyond a manager's influence, there are important things that can still be done to improve business performance .... " ... read more

14 July 2015  -  "Why Bother?" incentive design  " Too many incentive plans push against the tide.  Some business leaders expect that financial incentives alone will drive business results, even when employees lack the resources to do their work properly.  In many of these cases, remuneration costs increase for minimal gains in productivity" ... read more

16 April 2015  -  Remuneration returns   " Too many business executives look at their employment costs and shudder.  What these "remuneration hawks" see is a drain on short-term profitability - they rebuff paying employees more for good performance so they can keep remuneration costs down.  The leaders of successful companies know better than the hawks ...." ... read more

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